[Probability] Statistical Mechanics seminar - reinforced random walks

Stefan Adams S.Adams at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Oct 12 09:46:59 BST 2009

Dear all,

our Statistical Mechanics seminar this week Thursday, 15th October, 3pm,
in room B3.03 by

Andrea Collevecchio (Venice)

Title: Limit theorems for a  continuous time reinforced process

We study the behaviour of a continuous time  reinforced  process called
VRJP  defined on a regular tree, where each vertex has exactly b  
with b ³ 3. This process  was introduced by Wendelin Werner and first
studied by Davis and Volkov [2002, 2004]. We prove the strong law of  
numbers and the central limit theorem for the distance of the process  
the root. Notice that it is still unknown if VRJP is transient on the
binary tree.

Please forward this announcement to anybody who might be interested.
Our seminar schedule can be found at



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