[Probability] Seminar Statistical Mechanics/Applied probability by Tobias Kuna

Stefan Adams S.Adams at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Oct 26 09:56:45 GMT 2009

Dear all,

our Statistical Mechanics seminar this week Thursday, 29th October, 3pm,
in room B3.03 by

Tobias Kuna  (Reading)

Title: Realizability as an infinite dimensional non-linear moment  

Abstract: Correlation functions are important characteristics of  
systems of infinite many indistinguishable particles, namely spatial  
point processes. Realizability is the inverse problem to the usual  
approach in statistical mechanics, more precisely, one tries to  
derive the interaction between the particles from the correlation  
functions instead vice versa. In an abstract perspective this is an  
infinite dimensional instance of a truncated moment problem. The  
particularity and the difficulty of this type of moment problems is  
discussed and the role of topology and compactness is highlighted. An  
outlook to further development is given.
Please forward this announcement to anybody who might be interested.
Our seminar schedule can be found at


PS: We shall go for dinner on campus Thursday evening. Everybody is  
welcome, further arrangements will be made after the talk.


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