[Probability] Statistical Mechanics seminar by P. Falco (Princeton) - Thursday 10th March

Stefan Adams s.adams at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Mar 8 12:57:15 GMT 2011

Dear all,

this week Thursday, 10th March, we have our seminar in room MS.04 at  
2pm by

Pierluigi Falco (IAS-Princeton)

Title: Fermion RG approach to 2D Lattice Models

Abstract: Many two-dimensional lattice models of Statistical  
Mechanics can be re-casted as a system of interacting fermions:  
Ising, 6-vertex, 8-vertex, Ashkin-Teller, q-States Potts, Hubbard (d=1 
+1), XYZ quantum chain (d=1+1), etc. In the seminar I will discuss  
some works in collaboration with G.Benfatto and V. Mastropietro in  
which we use a rigorous renormalization group approach to study, in  
some of the above models, the critical exponents of the second order  
phase transition.

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