[Probability] Stat Mech Seminar TODAY at 4pm in B3.02

Grosskinsky, Stefan S.W.Grosskinsky at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Mar 5 11:12:01 GMT 2012

Dear All,

this is a reminder that we have a Statistical Mechanics seminar TODAY at 4pm in B3.02 (note UNUSUAL ROOM).

Speaker: Ines Armendariz (University of Buenos Aires)

Weighted permutations of Z

We study the set of Gibbs measures on bijections in Z, associated to a Hamiltonian that penalizes a permutation proportionally to its l^2 distance to the identity. We obtain these measures as the invariant distributions of a dynamics that we can perfect simulate.
Joint work with P. Ferrari, P. Groisman and F. Leonardi.
Unusual time and room: Monday 4-5 in B3.02.

The program for the rest of the term can be found on the web page

Best regards!
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